{Business Tips} Prepare for 2014!

Happy Fall Season!

This is the time of year where the leaves change, the temperature changes and smart business owners and entrepreneurs begin to prep for the 2014 season. I want to share with you some website and apps that can help you to be productive as you plan out the first quarter of the new year.


workflowy is my new favorite iPhone app and website for creating organizational lists. As a “Creative Consultant” I come up with ideas in my sleep. With WorkFlowy, I am able to create concepts and break it down in steps. One of my favorite features is the use of #hashtags.  I came across this website from MRW WEB DESIGN that breaks down WorkFlowy in the best way.



Wunderlist is a clever way to get stuff done! With Wunderlist, you have the option to generate sub-tasks, due dates, notes, reminders, and even recurring tasks. Think Evernote but with a more clean design, IMO. The newer version also has Facebook integration, e-mail alerts and is available for Android, iPhone, and Windows.  This app has a free option and a paid option for Wunderlist Pro 2.0.


Pocket Informant 


I don’t know about you but I put everything into my calendar or my life is in shambles. Be it a lunch meeting, travel or a hair appointment. My calendar helps to organize my life! Pocket Informant is a clever app that incorporates tasks, notes, your contacts, email, and more. Pocket Informant offers organization in a modern way.  This amazing app is only $15/year but offers a free 2 week trial.


Trust me, invest now and thank me later.

What are your favorite tool, website, or app that keeps you on track? Share it in the comments below and cheers to Productivity!


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{Exclusive Invite} Pampered Pearls at Iwi Fresh!

I’m excited to work with my great friend, Miss Lucy on her first Blogger event, taking place on Sunday Sept. 22nd! This special event will be a relaxing afternoon of mixing, mingling and spa services!

Please join Lifestyle Blogger, Miss Lucy (@Lucy_Pearl) of at iwi Fresh Day Spa in Castleberry Hill. Iwi Fresh Day Spa offers organic, handmade products and spa services ranging from skin, hair and nail care to body massage, wax and threading. Come meet Lucy and her blogger friends while indulging in specialty priced spa services, cake pops by Sweet Bites Boutique, photography from Kevin Taylor Photography, complimentary wine and more, all while wearing your favorite pearls (if you like)!

Choose from 4 customized pampered packages, especially priced for you as a guest, aka Pearls! Check out the Pampered Pearls page to RSVP! Early ticket holders receive a special gift bag and space is limited!

Pampered Pearls Design

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Atlanta Needs Ladies Night TV!

I was invited to the live taping of the new late night TV show Ladies Night. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I walked on set but what I DID know was that the stars of Ladies Night were pretty darn amazing already. Ladies Night features four beautiful, talented, smart and opinionated young… Continue reading Atlanta Needs Ladies Night TV!

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Plywood Presents, The Conference for Social Innovators



I have been researching local non-profit organizations to support throughout the summer. This week, I was blessed to attend Plywood Presents at the Buckhead Theater on Wednesday and Thursday in Atlanta, GA. I first learned of the Plywood People while visiting one of my new favorite local shops in the Castleberry Hill area, The Boxcar Grocer. I was instantly intrigued and in my normal nosy way, I took to Google and did my research on the organization. Instantly, I wanted to be a part of Plywood People as a volunteer.

Plywood People, is a local 501(c)3 that supports social entrepreneurs¹ and provide relief to the poor and underprivileged  through education and implementation. Plywood hosts events, conferences, and retreats to help social entrepreneurs pursue their ideas. On Wednesday, Plywood Presents welcomed over 400 people to Atlanta for a two day conference that featured 12 presenters like Brad Montague, the Creator of the YouTube sensation, Kid President and Father Gregory Boyle of Homeboy Industries.

The entire experience was a life changing one for me. I met some of the most creative innovators, entrepreneurs and supporters of social change that inspired and motivated me! I admit, I’ve struggled with my true purpose in life over the past three years. I cannot say that I have all the answers, but I can say that I’m in a more concise state now, then I have been in the past few years. I’m a constant work in progress and that’s okay. Here are a few of my takeaways from the conference:

1. How do we do more with what we have? – A question posed by Grace Kim, Director of Partnership at GOOD/Corps

GOOD is a social networking website for “People who give a damn.” Grace presented this question and it was explosive! I don’t know about you but I have some pretty awesome resources within myself. I have a strong network, a great personality, excellent business skills (if I do say so myself) and a heart to change the world. What if we took a few of our many skills and used it for good? Imagine how much we could impact our city, state and world.

2. Speaker Nathan Williams, Founder of Kinfolk Magazine listed 8 things that were a success for his start-up business.

I won’t list them all but my favorites were (a) Try Not to Please Everyone, (b) Create “the master list” Time Yourself  and (c) Swim in Wild Water.

(a)  Try not to please everyone. I am so guilty of this! I over commit to many things and have a hard time saying no. This is no bueno! In business, everyone isn’t going to like your idea, attend your events, or like your designs and that’s okay. What you do isn’t for everyone. Once you realize that, you will be much better off. Don’t take it personal, just stick to your guns and politely move on.

(b) Create “the master list” will hold you accountable. My mother used to tell me to write things down and I, of course, ignored her but NOW I find it to be mandatory. Create a master list and within the list create categories like Immediate or Delegate. A key point that Nathan Williams also mentioned was to “Time Yourself.” Consider that for a moment. We can easily get distracted by the world when we have a list of tasks to complete. Use your smart phone or a mini timer to sit in your office from time to time. Turn it on when you have a pressing task to complete and it will hold you accountable to get ish done!

(c) Swim in Wild Waters. This was the speakers way of saying take time to unwind in your own way. I don’t swim but I love the water. Take a 24 hour time-out to float down the Chattahoochee, get a hotel in the city and let your cell phone battery die on purpose or send the day at the spa. Work hard but also play hard. Take mental days off to rejuvenate yourself so that you can be better at what you do.

3. Think Big, Start Small and Keep Moving – Charles Lee, CEO of Ideation

Don’t let your dreams die. If you have a crazy idea, don’t think negatively like “I can never pull this off!” Take your amazing ideas and start small to make them a reality. Make a list. Do your research. Ask the right questions and take action steps. Charles Lee said, “Brainstorming meetings are neat but they are also unproductive!” Sometimes we talk and talk and talk about an idea but we spend so much time talking that it never gets done. Keep moving! Don’t take amazing ideas to your grave, leave your mark on the world!

Here are a few images that sum up my experience at the conference. Please, click on each link in this post, learn more about the businesses and how you can become involved with one or more of these organizations!

Cheers to changing lives!


¹A Social Entrepreneurs adopt a mission to create and sustain social value. They pursue opportunities to serve this mission, while continuously adapting and learning. (reference-

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{Exclusive} Thread Count at East Lake Urban Farm


As you know, I am a pretty big foodie, but what you may not know is that I’m passionate about increasing awareness for sustainability and supporting local farming. I was raised in an agriculture state, Delaware. My grandparents had farms and I prefer to cook using fresh produce from local farms or local markets. A group of awesome individuals created ThreadCount, a “unique, bi-monthly vendors market that links you to the latest happenings with local and national artists, designers, fashion, music and eats.”*

The next ThreadCount takes place on Saturday, July 20th in the East Lake Community Gardens & East Lake Urban Farm. These dope folks created this special event to raise awareness around sustainabilitycraftsmanshipdesign, and agriculture to our local community to encourage them to get involved and be more aware and active. I absolutely love this concept, idea and purpose!

In addition to the artist market, there will be a Wine & Cheese Tasting and Private Farm Tour! Woo-Hoo! Wine + cheese + art + wine = dopeness!  Get $5.00 off if when you use the promo code  WordOfMouthATL, Click on the following link to purchase tickets or to RSVP for complimentary access into the market > 

Check out their VIMEO trailer then check out what the amazing duo of LeahandMark had to say about the last Thread Count:, finally follow #ThreadCountATL on Twitter @CreativeCompCards and @POPUpATL and I hope to see you there!

Quote reference*

Cheers to awareness and local support!


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Vegetarian Quiche w/summer veggies!

Last weekend, I went to a local outside farmers market and stocked up on fresh summer veggies. And just like anything fresh, it expires pretty quickly. My resolution to my week old yellow squash was a quick quiche! Quiche is one of my favorite dishes and one of the first things I’ve learned to cook.… Continue reading Vegetarian Quiche w/summer veggies!