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I’m Back!


It has been over 18 months since I’ve written and I am ashamed! Don’t worry, I have a perfectly good excuse – I got MARRIED and I had a baby!

What a difference a year makes, right?

Let me give you the rundown.

I learned that I was pregnant in January 2015, the week of my 37th birthday. I’m the youngest of three siblings and the first to have a baby. It was kind of a big deal. I was a mess! I mean seriously. I was shocked. I was upset. I was scared. You were expecting me to say “excited”and “happy” right? Don’t worry, I get there eventually.

I made my first doctor appointment six days after my 37th birthday. It was the 5th of February. That was the day my boyfriend popped the question. Yup, baby and engagement within two weeks! Talk about overload!

My family was overjoyed! I would be the first to wed in addition to bringing forth the first grandchild in the family. Honestly, my head was going to explode.

My Mom instantly began to send me photos of wedding dresses. In my mind, we would remain engaged for about a year or so. I could see my daughter teetering down the isle with help from her grandparents. A September wedding. Not too hot, not too cold. Small wedding, less than 100 people…

However, my soon – to – be husband wanted to get married before the baby arrived. I wanted to respect his request and I knew that  I could n0t plan a wedding in 7 months while working full time and being pregnant. Walking down the isle preggers was NOT an option for me.

So we set a date for May.

I cancelled it.

We set another date and decided to go to the justice of the peace.

LE sigh.

Four months after he asked me to marry him, we got hitched. Meet Mr. & Mrs. Charles Washington!

My parents and us, June 26th.
My parents and us, June 26th.

Three months later, my precious little girl arrived, Aubree Olivia Washington.

Aubree Olivia @ Six Months
Aubree Olivia @ Six Months

Marriage and motherhood are beautiful. I have discovered so much about myself that I didn’t know existed. I prayed for patience a long time ago, but God truly tested me on that test as soon as I became engaged! Haha, I laugh at so many situations now. I have been pushed and challenged in ways I never thought I could be. From complicated child birth to name changes, the past year and a half has been a blessing for me, despite how it may seem.

I went from traveling the country and building a business to working for someone else and shying away from the social scene almost instantly.

I am a new person. I was an extrovert social butterfly. I am now a semi-introverted semi-social MOM. I am at a place where I am ready to complete my purpose. Motherhood was always a part of my story. I see life so differently now and that is okay. I have many plans for this blog from sharing recipes to my travels with the family.

I hope that you will come along for this journey! Thank you for reading. Have questions? Leave me a comment and share the love!




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