All About Tara

Happy New Year!



“Where have you been stranger? I haven’t seen you out in a minute!” “Did you delete your Facebook account? I can’t find you anywhere! “ “Do you still plan events?” “Are you still with that guy?” “ I haven’t seen you in my timeline in a while, are you okay?”

I’ve been asked a series of these questions more times than I would have liked over the past six months. I did many amazing things in 2014. I spent much of my time traveling, visiting family, working on my financial freedom, re-learning the corporate workforce and reading. I’m proud that I took some time away from the social scene to work on building a healthy relationship with my life partner. In 2015, I will focus on my personal and professional relationships.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you decide to unplug yourself from the social norm that consumes so much of our time. 2014 was my year of epiphanies. Each year, I have highs and lows, we all do. A self-proclaimed social media junkie, I did the unexpected and decided to keep my private life, private by spending less time watching television, Tweeting, Instagramming, party hopping and Facebooking. I decided to invest in myself, my relationship, and my family. Listen, TIME isn’t on our side and we MUST be purposeful in steps in life.

Today is January 1st and few things are different from yesterday. What is different is our mindset. We choose where we go from here. We chose how we will impact the next 12 months. We choose how we will treat others and set the examples for others to see. I wish you success in your journey for 2015!

From my heart to yours,

Tara Holland


P.S. Shout out to my brother (@stellarwayne) for the video new year inspiration!



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