{Business Tips} Prepare for 2014!

Happy Fall Season!

This is the time of year where the leaves change, the temperature changes and smart business owners and entrepreneurs begin to prep for the 2014 season. I want to share with you some website and apps that can help you to be productive as you plan out the first quarter of the new year.


workflowy is my new favorite iPhone app and website for creating organizational lists. As a “Creative Consultant” I come up with ideas in my sleep. With WorkFlowy, I am able to create concepts and break it down in steps. One of my favorite features is the use of #hashtags.  I came across this website from MRW WEB DESIGN that breaks down WorkFlowy in the best way.



Wunderlist is a clever way to get stuff done! With Wunderlist, you have the option to generate sub-tasks, due dates, notes, reminders, and even recurring tasks. Think Evernote but with a more clean design, IMO. The newer version also has Facebook integration, e-mail alerts and is available for Android, iPhone, and Windows.  This app has a free option and a paid option for Wunderlist Pro 2.0.


Pocket Informant 


I don’t know about you but I put everything into my calendar or my life is in shambles. Be it a lunch meeting, travel or a hair appointment. My calendar helps to organize my life! Pocket Informant is a clever app that incorporates tasks, notes, your contacts, email, and more. Pocket Informant offers organization in a modern way.  This amazing app is only $15/year but offers a free 2 week trial.


Trust me, invest now and thank me later.

What are your favorite tool, website, or app that keeps you on track? Share it in the comments below and cheers to Productivity!



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