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Atlanta Needs Ladies Night TV!


I was invited to the live taping of the new late night TV show Ladies Night. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I walked on set but what I DID know was that the stars of Ladies Night were pretty darn amazing already. Ladies Night features four beautiful, talented, smart and opinionated young ladies: (left-right below)

The super talented, writer, producer, director, co- creator and Executive Producer of Ladies Night, Angela Gomes (@loveangelagomes)

Radio rock star, Actress, Author and Television Personality, Rashan Ali (@rashanali)

10 year veteran in radio and television, creator of Vision Board Brunch (#VBB), world traveling Super Producer, Nina Brown (@NinaBrown)

And the multi-talented Actress, Jasmine Burke (@TheJasmineBurke).


I’ve attended many shows and even checked out The View wanna-be television talk shows like The Real with Tamar Braxton and Tamara Mowry-Housley just to name a few. This show was refreshing, polished and entertaining! It wasn’t jam packed with activities or male bashing topics. It was well organized, well written and included real hot topics like the local elementary school shootings and politics. On top of the great conversations, Ladies Night also featured amazing guest to sit on the couch with them!

I stayed for two shows and honestly, I wish the segments were longer than 30 minutes! You really feel like you were sitting in your living room with friends, talking about current affairs over cocktails; instead of who broke up with whom on reality television! I’m excited about the progress of this show and I’m blessed to have been a part of the studio audience.

Check out episodes of Ladies Night TV on their website and leave a comment, letting me know what you think! I think you would agree that, Atlanta and the nation needs a refreshing new late night talk show like Ladies Night!!

Cheers to Great Television!


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