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July Challenge: Free Fundays!


A friend recently returned to Atlanta after living in other cities for the past few years. When he lived here, he rarely left his neighborhood. So now, he is turning into a tourist and truly taking the time to discover what Atlanta has to offer. I have been in Atlanta for almost 10 years. In my first year, I absolutely hated it! Over the years, I have made it my mission to truly learn this amazing city. This was a part of how Word of Mouth Atlanta was born. I immersed myself in the city by attending random mixers that I would crash to connect with others. I was blessed to have met one amazing person after the next in my explorations!

Atlanta has a ton to offer and many of the fun activities, are free! In July, I challenge you to join me in my Free Fundays Challenge. Each weekend, either Saturday or Sunday, I plan to have a blast in Atlanta discovering activities and events that are less then $20.

A part of this is a challenge for myself; I am a social butterfly but I am also quite frugal! I don’t want to cut back on summer fun due to my tight budget restraints. I am going to prove a point to my friends and associates that there is a LOT to do and you don’t have to spend an arm and leg to do them. So let’s turn into tourist together!

Here is the challenge breakdown:

1. Find an activity that is either free or under $20 per person during the weekend.

2. Upload a photo of yourself on Instagram or Twitter at the event or during the activities. Use the hash tag #FreeFundays.

3. Include your location and the activity in your post or leave a comment below with what you have discovered!

Be creative, have fun, carpe diem and share with others so they can discover the same or similar activity. Learn to love YOUR city and do so on a budget. Let me know how it goes, by leaving me a comment below!

Cheers to a fun and practically free weekends in July!





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