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The Power of Positive Thinking

positive thinking

In December I hosted a small vision board party at my home. In the past, I was a skeptic about “vision boards.” I couldn’t see the bigger picture because I couldn’t see past the present. As I created the boards, I reviewed it daily and would see things happen that I placed onto the board. Once I saw the power of envisioning your plans which resulted in uncovering your purpose, I wanted to tell others! I began to host Vision Board parties once a year with friends and in December 2012, I hosted my third mixer with a small circle of friends which included my new roommate, Marcia. This would be Marcia’s first Vision Board creation and it was  exciting to witness a newbie create their first one.

Honestly,  the first time you make a Vision Board it can seem silly and be intimidating at the same time. It’s like prayer, on one hand you pray for something and hope it gets answered; and on the other hand if it gets answered you don’t know what to do with the blessing because you weren’t really expecting it to actually happen. We naturally have low expectations. So Marcia created her first Vision Board and listed a specific date in which she intended to transition out of her job. Marcia is a writer, that’s her gift and her passion. Like many of us, we work in a field where we are experienced or educated but not passionate about our careers. Marcia has always wanted to write but her time was consumed by her demanding job.

She listed positive words on her board along with photos and phrases but these three stuck out:

1. She wanted to transfer out of her current career and become a freelance writer.

2. She wants to travel more both nationally and internationally.

3. She wants a new car.

I was excited for her because I knew that soon enough her doubts would turn into a surprising reality. This month, Marcia lost her job, had an accident with her car and had one of her writings published. This may seem unfortunate to you but to me it was amazing to witness!  On February 11, 2013, Rosetta Thurman creator of the popular blog,  Happy Black Woman posted this: “Happy Black Woman Turns Three” where Thurman requested guest writing contributors.  This week Marcia woke up to an email from of the popular blog site informing her that she was selected and published! Read her post:

Five Empowering Actions to Take After You Get Laid Off

You see if Marcia didn’t lose her job or have car troubles she wouldn’t have had the content for her post or been published! On her Vision Board she listed February as her final month at her job and she also wanted a new car which I believe will take place in the next 60 days. She has gained exposure for her featured blog post and for this, I believe more doors will be opened! I am a loyal supporter of others and I feel like part of my purpose is to encourage others. Try to change the way you think each day and see how your life can improve regardless of your circumstances.

Positive Thinking requires:

1. Vision! A Vision Board isn’t just a board or paper with magazine images on it that you create around the New Year. It’s the ideas and plans you have in your heart and your head clearly defined and posted for your to review daily that can be created at any time.

2. Faith! You must have faith in the unknown and belief that what you are planning to create will take place.

3. Prayer! If you have the first two listed above ( in my opinion) you must pray to allow the visions inside your head come to fruition and pray that when it does, you can handle it.

I keep positive quotes and words of encouragement on my bathroom mirrors and closet doors in addition to my vision board to ensure I keep positive energy flowing throughout. I’m super proud of my friend Marcia and I believe that this is the beginning of an epic year for her and myself. Don’t let a day dictate your year, and don’t let a year dictate your life. Think positively and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will encourage you when you forget to encourage yourself.

You can learn more about Marcia and become a fan of her writing via her blog Marcia Scribbles

Cheers to a Positive Thinking!



2 thoughts on “The Power of Positive Thinking

  1. Hello. This is Marcia – the roomie. All I can say is…I’m speechless. Vision boards truly helped me focus on my goals. I actually made goals! I am definitely being stretched during this season but all of those points Tara posted are keeping me on point. Keep moving forward…fearlessly forward (that is one of the sayings on my vision board alas, I must do it)!

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