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REBLOGGING! Something I rarely do…

It is very rare that I re-blog an article that I’ve read because frankly I read A LOT! However, I know that many people aren’t on LinkedIn as much as they are on Twitter and FB so I felt like this article was so on point that it needed to be shared as my Monday Success Motivation. I am not the biggest fan of LinkedIn, but I do like the many changes they’ve made to the web sight to increase dialog between your connections. The discussion groups on LinkedIn.con can be time consuming to navigate through so posting articles on the main page is an awesome addition.

So back to my Monday Success Motivation… I logged into LinkedIn and ran across an article by Dave Kerpen (@DaveKerpen on Twitter) called  What Businesses Are Doing Wrong on Social Media (And 5 Tips For Success). Kerpen points out 5 tips for small business owners and business professionals. He makes valid points and urges you to rethink how you phrase your social media content. It’s honestly SM 101 but it is a great refresher for the beginning of a new year to help you create a dynamic strategy for your social media in the best possible way for your brand to grow! Be motivated and stay productive!


For many business owners, the temptation is to use social networks to promote themselves and broadcast their messages. But if you stop thinking like a marketer and start thinking like a customer, you’ll understand that the secret to social media is in the “social” more than in the “media” – it’s in being human – being the sort of person at a cocktail party who listens attentively, tells great stories, shows interest in others, and is authentic and honest. The secret is to simply be likeable.

Here are 5 tips for small business owners (and business people at all levels, really) to be more likeable and ensure greater success using social media:

  1. Listen first and never stop listening. Before your first tweet, search Twitter for people talking about your business and your competitors. Search using words that your prospective customers would say as well. For example, if you’re an accountant, use Twitter to search for people tweeting the words “need an accountant” in your town. You’ll be surprised how many people are already looking for you.
  2. Don’t tell your customers to like you and follow you, tell them why and how they should. Everywhere you turn, you see “Like us on Facebook” and “Follow us on Twitter.” Huh? Why? How? Give your customers a reason to connect with you on social networks, answering the question, “What’s in it for me?” and then make it incredibly easy to do so. Note the difference between these two calls to action: “Like my company’s page on Facebook” vs “Get answers to your social media questions at
  3. Why ask questions? Wondering why nobody’s responding to your posts on Facebook? It’s probably because you’re not asking questions. Social media is about engagement and having a conversation, not about self-promotion. If a pizza place posts on Facebook, “Come on by, 2 pizzas for just $12,” nobody will comment, and nobody will show up. If that same pizza place posts, “What’s your favorite topping?” people will comment online– and then be more likely to show up. Make sure you understand Edgerank – Facebook’s formula for determining what shows up in people’s ever-crowded Newsfeeds.
  4. Share pictures and videos. People love photos. The biggest reason Facebook went from 0 to 1 billion users in 7 years is photos. Photos and videos tell stories about you in ways that text alone cannot. You don’t need a big production budget, either. Use your smartphone to take pictures and short videos of customers, staff, and cool things at your business, and then upload them directly to Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn. A picture really is worth a thousand words – and a video is worth a thousand pictures.
  5. Spend at least 30 minutes a day on social media. If you bought a newspaper ad or radio ad, you wouldn’t spend 5 minutes on it or relegate it to interns. Plus, there’s a lot to learn, and every week, new tools and opportunities across social networks emerge. Spend real time each day reading and learning, listening and responding, and truly joining the conversation. The more time and effort you put in to social media, the more benefits your business will receive.

Above all else, follow the golden rule: Would you yourself click the “Like” button, the Follow button, or Retweet button if you saw your business or your content here? Would you want to be friends with your business at a cocktail party? Just how likeable is your business?

Dave Kerpen is the CEO of Likeable, a social media agency that has worked with more than 200 leading brands, including Verizon and Neutrogena. He is author of The New York Times best seller Likeable Social Media. Dave recently launched Likeable Community College and Likeable Local.

Cheers to a Motivational Week! 




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