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Be Mindful of Your Content

wordsHappy Friday Everyone! Two weeks into the new year and it seems as if everyone is right on track with their to-do list, resolutions and goals. I belong to an accountability group of amazing women and each year we make a list of goals to accomplish in the coming year. The number of items generally coincide with the number for the new year. This year is 13 Things to Accomplish in 2013.

One of my goals is to teach Social Media Classes (again). I often have one on one teaching sessions with entrepreneurs, small business owners and friends about creating a social media strategy for their business or brand. Another goal was to be more consistent with my blogging. Kudos to all my blogger friends and associates because Blogging takes work! With that being said, each Friday I will provide you with a tip of the week (ending) for you to dwell on in your weekend down time.

Today I want to remind you to be mindful of your content.  If you are on social sites daily like Facebook or Twitter, then you know that it can be addictive! You may have had intentions to join Facebook to keep up with friends and post pictures of your family. After a year you know tell every little detail of your life, your frustrations, your opinion on your favorite TV show and more! I understand… we all do it, social websites have become a part of our lives. That’s why it is call Social MEDIA. You are blasting your entire life for the world to see!

Here are a few things to remember:

1. What you post and WHEN you post it. If you are at work and you aren’t supposed to have your cell phone, your boss pisses you off and you decide to tell ALL your Facebook friends about it. Guess what, you job can find out. Everything you post is available to the public. I would suggest, using Facebook filters to make sure you aren’t posting everything to Errrybody!

2Posting too much information. My parent recently joined the world of Facebook and boy did I have to check myself with the information that I put out. Sidebar: Because I teach others about Facebook, I know the ins and out of the website. I stay up on every change and why they changed it. When they joined, I not only placed filters on my status updates but I also try to limit what I post, when I post it and how many times I post. I generally post once or twice a day these days. On Twitter, I post more frequently because it is a different audience.

3Create a personal Twitter if you use Twitter for business. If you are using Twitter for business and post all of your personal thoughts then it isn’t for business. If you want to discuss Scandal, your cute outfit for the club pictures, how angry you are while sitting in traffic, etc., you may want to consider creating a “alter ego” account or secondary account for all things YOU! Remember, to be consistent with what your posting by having a solid strategy for your brand.

Find what works for you and go with it but be sensible and remember the people who are reading your Tweets and Posts. My Tweets have reached to Canada, Amsterdam (heyyy @Vicstar!) and beyond. I try to always remember that before I go off to the Twitterverse. Have a great weekend and let me know what you do to help you be mindful of what you put out to the “social media paparazzi”.


Also, to learn more about the accountability group and submit your 13 Things to Accomplish in 2013 sign up here:




6 thoughts on “Be Mindful of Your Content

  1. Wise words T. The work tip also applies to job hunters. Some companies will find you on social media before making a decision to hire. Have fun, but keep it tasteful! If I can’t explain it later, I don’t post it.

  2. Great point @MoneAlicia! When applying for positions, they ask for your Twitter handle, Facebook and LinkedIn profile. It is very easy to forget about our audience and post foolishness. Thank you for reading!

  3. Great post, Tara! Thank you for the reminder of the benefits of mindfulness in social media. The practice of being mindful—in our relationships with our bodies, our businesses, and our overall habits/practices—is so important when it comes to authentic living. I really appreciate you creating a space for people to honor that mindfulness. We need more work like this. Keep showing up, sis!

    1. Thank you Execumama for reading! I’m working hard like most folks on remaining consistent. I believe it makes all the difference! : )

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