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His Purpose in Life is to Change Lives…

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Have you ever met a person and were instantly taken aback by their presence? Not in a sexual way (get your mind out the gutter) but in a magnetic way? Imagine meeting Deepak Chopra or having coffee with Joel Osteen. There is a feeling you will receive from having one conversation with someone that instantly inspires you. Have you  met a person that within 10 minutes can utter words that are powerful and addictive? That is my impression of Jay Barnett.

Personally I am moved by the testimony of others. I believe I am touched by stories that are true, emotional and sincere. I first connected with Jay Barnett on Twitter, I believe I Re Tweeted a positive message he posted and after reviewing his timeline, began to follow him. After a few emails and because of the type of person Mr. Barnett is, he decided to take a trip to Atlanta from Houston, Texas to meet with me! You see Jay lives his life based completely on faith and that kind of mustard seed faith has opened many doors.

While in Atlanta, Jay was a featured guest on The Toni and Griff Radio Show. I stood back and listened to Jay share his powerful testimony with national listeners. Jay shared how he grew up a Preacher’s Kid and looked up to his father. At 13, his parents divorced and he became disconnected with his father when his mother moved him and his siblings to Texas. Jay has experienced depression and considered suicide in his past. As a teenager, Jay threw himself, his frustrations and emotions into football and became a star athlete. In 2006, Jay had a short stint with the Green Bay Packers, and from there he went on to play fullback in the Arena Football League for the Tulsa Talons and Tennessee Vipers.

In 2012, Jay Barnett created and launched The ME Project in partnership with KIPP Academy in Houston, Texas. Since early 2012, Barnett has since collaborated with KIPP schools where he has launched a 5-week program for young men and women. Today, Jay’s primary focus is sharing his message of overcoming obstacles and valuing life’s lessons.jay photo kids completion

If you don’t have a vision, if you don’t know who you are, when you enter in that next chapter of your life you can get lost or follow the wrong crowd.” –Jay Barnett.

The ME Project focuses on the critical areas of a boy’s life to ensure that these young men are properly prepared to enter into High School or the transitional phase of their lives. In the documentary Driven In Life, Jay exclaims, “…what really motivates me is if these young men can hear a positive message, it can inspire their lives. It will change the people they hang around, it will change the music they listen to, it will change the way that they speak! Because a lot of time with these kids, what inspires them now, is what they hear and what they speak. Eventually, your words will either corrupt you or it will build you up.”

In February 2013, Jay Barnett will be in Atlanta, GA speaking to students and churches locally, and also promoting his much-anticipated book “Finding Our Lost Kings & Queens”. If you are interested in learning more or booking Jay for a speaking engagement, please email


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