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The Top 5 Cupcake Boutiques in Atlanta!

I’m a cupcake connoisseur.

For years I have ranted and raved about my favorite cupcake eateries on Twitter (previous blog link) and my not so favorite (Hello, Gigi’s *waving*). Since the cupcake’s overnight success everyone thinks they can make them – and as cupcake shops pop up all over town, I can assure you only a few will survive.

As a cupcake critic – I can look at a cupcake and instantly tell it is super dense or super dry. With just one bite I can determine if it has too much food coloring or too much sugar. I’m just that good. I rate cupcakes on a 5 category scale: Creative Flavor, Icing, Moistness of Cake and Price. These 5 elements tell me all I need to know about a cupcake and a company’s longevity in the business. When I discover a new place, I usually try two different cupcakes on my first visit; one that I enjoy – strawberry or carrot cake and one that I dislike – which is usually a chocolate. If you can make me devour a chocolate cupcake then you’re definitely a winner!!!

I present to you my Top 5: Cupcake Boutiques In Atlanta (AKA My Kryptonite).

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5. Jilly’s CupCakery – Roswell: Jilly’s is a bit high on the price but the product is delicious! My favorite is the Chocolate Peanut Butter. I couldn’t believe it either but this chocolate cake has a peanut butter filling and a peanut butter icing that is the! I also really appreciate that they have vegan and gluten free options.

4. Dulce Vegan – Kirkwood: Dulce Vegan will change your mind about vegan cupcakes! #OOMF (One Of My Followers)@pixelegant would notice my Twitter reviews and surprised me two years ago with a dozen carrot cakes delivered to my door. I was excited to receive such a gift from someone I never met but nothing surprised me more than the taste! You won’t be disappointed by these moist cupcakes that are free from processed sugars and hydrogenated oils. Make sure you visit their all new store front located at 1994 Hosea L. Williams Drive. Atlanta, GA.

3. The Atlanta Cupcake Factory– This Highland-Poncey bakery was among one of my first to visit in Atlanta. They are a small store but with big creative flavors. I love walking in to the daily surprise flavors. Arrive early for the best selection because they sell out fast and are moderately priced at $2.75. (NOTE: Parking can be a challenge, but it’s totally worth it).

2. Smallcakes – Buckhead.  Smallcakes are the new kids on the block. I would pass by their location often leaving CamiCakes and noticed they were rarely packed with people. One day, I walked in to pick up a few for friends – I kept it simple: strawberry and vanilla. The strawberry cupcake with fresh strawberry icing is EVERYTHING! I was so surprised at the balance between the cake and the icing; the cake is super moist and the icing is fluffy and light but packed with flavor.

1. CamiCakes – Buckhead. CamiCakes is hands down one of the best cupcake bakeries in the city. People always ask why people love Cami so much and honestly it’s the consistency of their product, the flavor infused moist cupcake and rich icing that keeps the long line of fans returning daily. I call it CamiCrack, sad but true.

 Well there’s my Top 5: Cupcake Boutiques in Atlanta. Agree or Disagree?

I’m curious to know your favorite cupcakery’s in the city. Maybe I’ll try your favorite place out next and who knows I may have to add to my list!!!

Cheers to cake-cake-cake-cake…



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