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I made my radio debut!

Earlier this morning I had the pleasure of joining the Toni and Griff Show on AM1100 in Atlanta. The Toni and “GRIFF” Show embodies the ultimate in Straight Talk Radio.  Picture Howard Stern, the Honeymooner’s, and a sprinkle of  Peg & Al Bundy all wrapped up in one.” Today the show’s topic was Love and Marriage and it featured International Poet, Hank StewartYoung R&B Singer Siergio, power couple David & Shaundra Anderson  of Blackanomics and B.Moore Events, respectively and yours truly. 

 The show included listeners from all over the country and highlighted special call in guests including Comedian Rodney Perry, Love and Hip Hop Reality TV Star,  Somaya Reece and more! If you missed any parts of the show please visit the Toni and Griff website.  If you click on the ACC image below you will hear my interview. We had so much FUN, I’ve also added a few behind the scene photos in a slideshow below.

 I would love to hear your feedback from show by leaving your comments and any questions you may have below. Be sure to tune in to the Toni and Griff Show which as of today has moved from Sunday to Monday to Friday 10am -2pm! Lastly if you are interested in joining the Atlanta Couple’s Club please sign up for our updates at while our website is in progress. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Love… LOVE



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