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My Top Five Vegetarian Restaurants in Atlanta

Happy February foodies! Last month I shared the Top Five Places In Atlanta for Happy Hour and the response was impressive! I’ve decided to share a list of my top five places EACH month. I’ve been in Atlanta for eight years this month and about three years ago a very close family member was forced to have emergency heart surgery where she received a pace maker. I did some research after her heart surgery and realized that heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure run in my family. So I decided to change my diet. I stopped eating chicken, turkey, red meat and pork. I eat as many fresh vegetables as possible and stay away from fast food restaurants chains like Wendy’s, Arby’s, Burger King and similar. After getting pretty bored with veggies and fish, I began to explore the city and  I’m excited to share My Top Five Vegetarian Restaurants in Atlanta.  The list isn’t in any particular order.

1. Cafe Sunflower: I LOVE Cafe Sunflower! I mean they have a great staff and awesome food. It is moderately priced in comparison to other vegetarian restaurants in Atlanta but they are consistent. In 2012,  Scoutmob provided a great review that would appeal to non-vegetarians.  The very comfy establishment has fast service and their homemade soups are probably the best in Atlanta.  In addition to lunch or dinner they have a great selection of non-dairy desserts, try the chocolate cake and fall in love like I did!

2. Soul Vegetarian (West End): Soul Veg in The West End was quite possibly my first place in Atlanta for vegetarian food. It is quite unique, locally owned and always tasty. The food is quite expensive but I’m not sure where you can go for cheap vegetarian/vegan food. They not only have breakfast, lunch and dinner but they also have amazing shakes that include ingredients like almond butter and almond milk. The honest downsides is that it may take some time to get your beverage at the juice bar but it is worth the wait. Also, parking isn’t the best but hey, welcome to Atlanta!

3. R. Thomas: This may be one of the most popular places in the city for healthy eats. Several celebs have raved about R. Thomas for years. If you’re a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan, this is the place for you. I love to take someone new to R. Thomas to experience the  unique atmosphere and the birds. Yes… birds. Newbies are usually very hesitant and order something very basic but even the most simple of dishes are full of flavor and freshness. I’ve run into everyone from Andre 3000, Vivia A. Fox and formerly fiance Slimm (who is vegan) in the middle of the night.

4. Food For Life Supreme: This location isn’t just a restaurant, it is also a school. The staff at Food For Life Supreme are students from all over the county that are able to experience operating, building and cooking healthy food for a better life. The food is awesome! It generally takes a while to get your food if you eat in or order to go because everything is made to order. My favorite time is breakfast because they have creative and hearty dishes like the Solar Eclipse which of a three egg omelet with salmon sausage, salmon bacon, peppers, onions, cheese and broccoli.

5. Green Sprout: Green Sprout is relatively new to the scene in terms of restaurants specifically for vegetarians. This is a Chinese vegetarian establishment in Buckhead near Morningside that offers traditional dishes like Kung Pao chicken and  Curry chicken but everything is vegetarian. The price is very affordable and the atmosphere is traditional. I found Green Sprout by accident and loved how they are remaining traditional to their Asian roots but with fresh meat-free dishes. Check out their reviews via

My personal diet has changed over the past few years and I experiment by removing different things from my diet to see how I feel. I hope if you aren’t a vegetarian, you are open-minded and willing to try these amazing establishments. Be sure to comment with your own reviews and share some of your favorites spots around Atlanta.

Cheers to healthy eats!



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