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Entrepreneur Therapy & Support: My Founder’s Therapy Review.

This previous week, I had the pleasure of attending Founder’s Therapy, an intimate session where Entrepreneurs can basically relax, relate and release. Founder’s Therapy was created by Joey Digital  and took place at Bar One, owned by Peter Thomas of RHOA and hosted by Amber Saunders. I unfortunately cannot dive into the details of our discussion but I can recap it’s purpose and what I took away from the event.

Let me first quote Joey Digital’s take on the first of hopefully many Founder’s Therapy events.

“It’s like Alcoholics Anonymous for entrepreneurs…except we drink during the session.  The topic was Non-supportive Family, Friends, and signficant Others,  and it allowed 25 entrepreneurs to get ish off their chests.

A few key/interesting things came out of the event:

+ Wives of entrepreneurs put a lot of stress on the males (whether they mean it or not)
+ It is extremely difficult for female entrepreneurs to have relationships
+ How entrepreneurs would like to receive support can be explained better by the 5 Love Languages

*IMO, this was the most important thing to come out of the event. And it has to/will be explored in detail later.”

This event was monumental for Entrepreneurs, especially individuals who are new to start-ups or entrepreneurship. It was truly an opportunity for attendees to express their frustrations and experiences with the primary topic:  Non-supportive Family, Friends, and Significant Others.  I feel compelled to share one key point that was made in regards to support. As a friend or family of a business owner, do you support their business?  Let me clarify “support,”  if you are in need of a graphic designer, are you reaching out to a stranger or to your family/friend? If you are reaching out to that family member or friend, are you also asking for a major discount because they are a friend? An attendee said it best at Founder’s Therapy ” A friends and family discount is 110%”  That sums it up for me. I honestly believe that we lack the support from family and friends in that aspect. We knew that it wasn’t going to be easy when we jumped into this business world with no parachute (faith). Entrepreneurs have a lot to endure and when you add criticism, low support, no verbal outlet to release and folks asking for handouts, it creates a stressful life. What are your thoughts?

Cheers to Support!



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