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A Vision Board Party with a Purpose

On Thursday December 29th, we had a great time at Forever Young Fashion & Accessories in downtown Atlanta. The newly posh clothing boutique has been open for only two weeks and allowed us to be their first event. Huge thanks to everyone who attended and those who planned to attend. We had a great time of networking, sharing and planning. Thanks to X-Rated we had pink cocktails and to CamiCake for our dessert bar. Special thanks to Yolanda Owens of  iwi Fresh for their two gift certificates for all natural facials that were given away to the 1st lady to arrive and the 1st lady to complete her vision board! I worked with some amazing women and a very special thanks to Yakita Wilkinson of Futuristic Branding Solutions and Events for connecting the dots!

Thanks Lillie for the photo!

The overall summary from the “You’re Next Chapter” Vision Board Party was don’t take any day for granted. If you have a passion, pursue it. If you had a idea that you’ve been waiting to create, stop waiting for the “right time” and just do it. If you’ve needed to reconnect with someone from your past, then make the call today! I learned from this amazing group of women that 2011 was the year of revelations.  This new year will be the year of discovery, starts, love and success.  Today is January 1, 2012 and I wish you the very best!

Check out the fabulous pics from T. Logan of Dali Cinematography and Happy New YOU!

Cheers to 2012!



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