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What’s Your Next Chapter For The New Year?

It’s the time of year where families are preparing for family and friends. It’s the holiday season where we share our success stories from  the previous year and prepare for the upcoming one.  I was introduced to the vision board from the #VBC (Vision Board Crew) from Twitter. I was excited and the idea was amazing. For years I’ve collected quotes and fortune cookie statements that I would keep on my mirror in the bathroom or in wallet for inspiration. When the Vision Board craze began I created my first one and throughout the year I would check off the items as they happened. It was an absolute blessing and amazing to see the items you envision come to life.

Your Next Chapter: The Movie

This year the plan is to prepare before  the new year takes shape. Where do you see yourself in 2012? What’s next for you? How do you plan to start your 2012? Connect with positive women, bring your circle of friends and arrive early for 25% off New York inspired fashion and accessories, small bites and cocktails sponsored by X-Rated Fusion. RSVP Today and share with family and friends. This event is for all ages! Bring your magazines, poster board, glue and/or tape and enjoy envisioning YOUR NEXT CHAPTER.

Cheers to the new year and Merry Christmas!



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