Ways to stay active in a slow economy.

Happy November!









In this fall/winter season many businesses are using this down time to reconsider and refresh their marketing plans for the up and coming season. Consider the following when preparing for a shift in the market and in the season:

1.) Research your competition. At a certain point in your business career you should have a clear vision of your target audience, ideal demographic and your competitors. Are you more marketable and more searchable? Have you Google’d yourself lately?  Stay ahead of the curve by doing constant research to ensure you are the leader of the pack.

2.) Revamp your social media content. This is the season for giving. How charitable is your company? Have you considered adding a mixture of content to include your favorite non-profit organization? Is your office staff participating in a walk/run or similar campaign, share it with your Facebook fans to increase involvement. Are you introducing a new product or service? Survey your audience and obtain useful feedback.

3.) Update your logo and website. Over the past five years some of the most respected brands have made changed to their logos including Starbucks, Google and Seattle’s Best and even UPS. Minor changes to senior brands do make a big difference to a new generation of consumers. What can you do to attract new business?

4.) Network. Network. Network. Now is the time to get out and begin to rub elbows with your colleagues or open doors to a new market of possibilities. Networking isn’t as easy as it sounds and as many business seminars and conferences I attend, the worse it seems to get.  You have to be open to opening up about what you do, who you are and what your interests are. For years, many people assumed I worked in PR because each time they met me I was selling them on a business, brand or person. I LOVE what I do and when I’m excited about the great customer service I receive or a awesome new product, I want to shout it from the roof tops! Do the same this season but add in a 24 -48hr follow-up time.  This is one of the most important steps after you’ve made a great connect. Stay relevant, stay connected.

5.) Read. It isn’t rock science but if you are unfamiliar with a new tools or app, then hit the books! Entrepreneurship is a lifetime of education. If you decide that outsourcing your social media is out of your budget, then hit the library or online websites like The Social Media Examiner, Inc.com, Mashable.com or Entrepreneur.com to learn more about social media and how to DIY. Life is a lesson, increase your life (in business and personal) by becoming the best student you can be.

What are some ways you remain active during this slower business season? Manage your priorities, make workable lists and set short and long term goals. I would love to hear from you. Post your ideas, questions and/or comments below.

Cheers to success!!



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