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Restaurant Review: Taqueria Tsunami

Earlier this week I decided to treat myself to a dinner at the all new  Taqueria Tsunami, a Latin-Asian inspired restaurant.  Of course Scoutmob was my primary inspiration but I also love both Latin and Asian food.  The new establishment is quietly tucked in Buckhead off of Peachtree Rd. next to Tantra and Imperial Fez. At first glance, it’s an extremely basic layout, blank tabletops (no salt/pepper or table tents), an open kitchen, small bar and simple menu design. However, if you’re hungry, it’s definitely the food that will keep you coming back.

The restaurant is open and bright with a full bar equip with TV’s and free Wi-Fi, which is an instant plus for lunch meetings. The menu is extremely affordable with or without a Scoutmob. When comparing to the restaurants in the area, this is by far, your best bet! I started off with the Avocado Egg Rolls ($5) which were well seasoned in taste but lacked a bit on presentation.









I decided on the South Of The Border Bowl ($6) as  the entrée. It was bowl of “Spanish” rice blended with corn, tomatoes, avocado, fresh jalapeno topped with fresh cilantro and their homemade chipotle sour cream sauce. I am a huge fan of this dish but I have to warn, it was very spicy but that’s what I was hoping for. You can add Chicken, Shrimp or steak for $1 or $2 more.  I had to stop myself from finishing or I wouldn’t have had room for desert. Put a delicious plate in front of me and I turn into a greedy girl.









For dessert, there are three to choose from: The S’Mores Eggroll, Apple & Asian Pear Empanada Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream and the traditional Latin dessert Sopaipillas.  I was extremely surprised at the $3.00 price for each item! That’s unheard of in Buckhead! Shoot, I had a simple slice of sweet potato pie at a coffee shop, right up the street that cost me $4.25!  I’m just saying. Anyway, I ordered the Apple & Asian Pear Empanada, and could immediately tell that the pastry was made from scratch. It was a tasty ending, not too heavy, not overly sauced and but full of diced apples and pears.









Before, I left, I met the General Manager and Partner, Rob Puerto who checked on each table throughout the night which equals  great customer service. In addition to the delectable bites, Taqueria Tsunami is dedicated to service. A portion of their food sales are donated the Georgia Red Cross and for each grand opening they partner with a local charity to help raise awareness and fund. I don’t know about you but that is more of an incentive to return to Taqueria Tsunami and bring a few friends along! Tell then Word of Mouth sent you!



Taqueria Tsunami

2293 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30309





Cheers to good eats!



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