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My 2011-2012 Bucket List

I borrowed the movie The Bucket List from my friend Mimi Davis and as I was reading my Twitter timeline I came across my pal Dana J‘s blog post “My Summer Bucket List Update” and I felt urged to create one myself. I used to create life lists in my 20’s of things to accomplish before my 30’s then when I reached my 30’s panic mode kicked in and I threw the list out the window. I am going through an amazing transformation in my personal and professional life and this is a great time to create a new short term list. So this list is for six months but I plan to get most items accomplished in three months, so pray for me y’all!

My Transition Bucket Lists  

1. Travel to Chicago, Miami and Dallas for business purposes and expand WOMG by building connections in those cities. 

2. Obtain and use my passport by my January 30th birthday. Prayerfully, I will be in another country on my next birthday

3. Complete my business website. Long overdue but I have the organization to do it, it’s just a matter of getting it done.

4. Edit, Re-design and update my blog website, by myself. DearLawdBabyJesus, CSS and HTML gives me a headache but I’m gonna study it.

5. Teach a Social Media class via webinar, at a conference, convention or event. This is in progress.

6. Tone and Tighten. Self explanatory and in progress

7. Run for at least 3 miles a day and at least two times a week. This is a challenge for me and so I’m giving myself a reachable goal. I’m a sprinter not a distance runner so with the help and motivation of Black Girls Run, I hope to accomplish this and prepare for my first marathon. 

8. Refresh my Spanish and become fluent again. Practice and consistency is key in learning a new language! 

9. Create a prayer journal. Thanks to the @thegreatdanaj for bringing this up. I used to do this and it is imperative that I bring it back!

10. Leave Atlanta. GA for a while. No comment just yet about this. 

Bonus- #11. Reach 3500 on Twitter and 300 on my FB page<— This is an added option but I’m going to list it anyway because when you speak it into existence, amazing things happen. 

So there you have it. My mini bucket list that looks way easier on my laptop, so we shall see how it goes. I will keep you updated in about two months. Enjoy your week!




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