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Get Involved: Atlanta Union Mission

In the past two weeks I’ve been encouraged to write a post on giving back and volunteering in the community. I have a passion for people and I truly believe that the talents given to us from a higher power is to be used to help others. A few weeks ago, my social media super hero sister Nina Brown sent out a SOS email to friends and associates to give of themselves to an organization that she is passionate about. I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of The Atlanta Mission. The Atlanta Mission consists of The Shepherd’s Inn, My Sister’s House, Fuqua Hall and The Potter’s House.  The Atlanta Mission offers food, clothing and shelter at no cost to those who have chosen to enroll in the discipleship program and to live at the shelter. They offer transitional housing at the Fuqua Hall as well. Their mission to end homelessness is amazing. They have a great program put into place and they are supported by volunteers.

The Shepherd’s Inn is open to men 18yrs or older with no children. This shelter offers shelter, job attainment, and recovery services to up to 425 men every day. One fact that I love about The Shepard’s Inn is in 2011, the Atlanta Urban Garden provided fresh veggies and nutritious food, training and therapeutic recovery for men by creating a herb garden in the center. In addition to the above they offer a year-long personal development and recovery program they offer to men.

My Sister’s House is open to women, 18 years of age or older and women with children. They offer rescue services and emergency shelter. They offer recovery services that include counseling, discipleship, and job training. My Sister’s house also provides child development through tutors and behavioral specialists to help children succeed. In 2011, the Atlanta Mission served more than 500 children.

How to Get Involved: 

  • Volunteer Orientation takes place every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6:30 pm -8:30 pm at 921 Howell Mill Rd. Atlanta, GA. Feel free to reach out the amazing coordinator Jennifer Hutchinson via email at
  • The women’s shelter, My Sister’s House is in need of the following:
    • Tutors (elementary – high school)
    • Books
    • Art/crafts enthusiasts and/or teachers
    • Restaurants to donate lunch to the organization (this can be one day a week or one day a month)
  • The Shepard’s Inn is in need of the following:
    • Drivers
    • Male volunteers
    • Books
    • Male speakers
Georgia  is known for many popular things from film, music, plays, actors, reality television, civil rights movement and more but here are a few facts you may not know:
  • Atlanta, GA is the #1 hub for human trafficking and child sex exploitation in the United States. (Reference)
  • In 2010, Georgia was ranked 48th in the nation in SAT scores. (Reference:
  • Georgia is ranked among the top 10 for STD’s in the nation. (Reference)

Consider this:

If you give up one Friday a month from 6:30 pm 8:30 pm, you can make a huge difference in the women and children who live at My Sister’s House. Many of the children rarely leave and seek inspiration from visitors. They attend school on site, sleep on site, play on site and eat 3 meals a day on site. They rarely have an opportunity to leave to see a play, watch a basketball game, go to movies in the park, etc. As the winter season quickly approaches, there will be various non-profit organizations seeking help. This organization needs your time.  This is very important to me because we make time for so many social activities but rarely for social change. This entire week, I will devote my posts to community service. If you are a non-profit  organization seeking awareness, assistance and/or donations, please reach out to me by leaving your organizations website in the comment section.  Positive people change lives and you can too!

Every good act is charity. A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.” – Moliere




2 thoughts on “Get Involved: Atlanta Union Mission

  1. I would love to volunteer my time to these shelters. My non-profit, Net Generation Love Foundation, offers computer classes for kids ages 2-7 teaching keyboarding, science, technology, engineering & math. We will soon be starting the adult computer education classes for those adults in need of technology, internet training & education in word processing. We provide the computers as well for the classes and consist of teachers volunteering their time to help bridge the digital gap of those underpriveledged & in need. We would love to assist! Contact me, ChelseyRai at

    1. Thank you for your comments and information! I’ve sent you an email and would love to help where needed with the Net Generation Love Foundation. Hope to speak with you soon.

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