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V-103’s Frank Ski becomes a Restaurateur!

On Friday I had the pleasure of visiting Frank Ski’s a new restaurant and lounge in the Buckhead area. I’ve met owner Frank Ski on numerous occasions and knew he was a Foodie. Many successful individuals in Atlanta have turned to investing into restaurants, which is very smart. However, not all of these individuals plan properly, execute it properly nor take the time to invest in all aspects of the Restaurant industry (i.e. marketing, management, menu and menu presentation.) With Frank Ski’s Restaurant, he did all of the above and then some.

Walking into the establishment alone was classy. The door were opened by the host and you were immediately welcomed into the space which was large and grand!  As you entered they asked that you fill out a comment card about your experience. [SIDEBAR] I have to interject here for a moment because that simple request will make a HUGE difference to a new restaurant.If more independently owned restaurants would do this from the start they would last longer than a year. Okay…continue. To your immediate right was the large bar area that was elevated from the main floor. To the left was the dining room with wall to wall lounge sofas and tables positioned in the center. As you walk through the dining area past the DJ booth you are taken to an outside patio that is plush and available year round with the red awning overhead. This area has a outside bar and a perfect area for cigar smoking.

 Inside to the left of the bar is a unique wine room that would be perfect for group or private wine tastings. To the right of the bar area past the restrooms is what I call the “Red Room” a swanky lounge area perfect for private dinner parties and  VIP dining.

Tara’s Truths: Honestly, the man has thought of everything! I don’t have a negative thing to say about the restaurant and coming from me, that says a lot! I want to send a special shout out to Nina Brown for the invite. I can’t wait to return to Frank Ski’s for dinner, I had an opportunity to sample the fish tacos and they were banging!

  I give this establishment ♥♥♥♥ for decor, service and SWAGG! We  just loved it! #WordofMouthApproved!  This was a private preview event so please stay tuned for a follow-up dinner review on Frank Ski’s, coming soon. 


Frank Ski’s Restaurant & Lounge is located at 2110 Peachtree Rd. Atlanta, GA 30309 and open for dinner and weekend brunch 7 days a week! Tell em’ Word of Mouth Atlanta sent you!  




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