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Cupcake Country

Atlanta seems to be the cupcake capital of the south! I’ve had the pleasure of discovering a brand new sweet spot in the heart of the Castleberry Hill district in downtown Atlanta.  Sweet Tooth  Dessert Bar is a breath of fresh sweet-smelling air to the artsy district. Owner Chalandra “Missy” Strictland decided that in tough times she was going to try her hand at cake decorating for her daughters 7th birthday party back in 2004. She taught herself and created an amazing SpongeBob Squarepants cake. Once word got out about her cake designs it became a happy hobby that has turned into a growing business.

Located at 335 Nelson St. this super cute teal blue and bright green business has brown and white accents that provide a welcoming feel as soon as you enter. Open late to accommodate the local home owners in the area, this sweet spot offers a unique twist to your traditional cupcakes where each cupcake has a thin layer of what appears to be fruit jelly between the cake and the icing. The local favorite is the lemon cupcake which I also favor over the Key lime and Strawberry options that I sampled.

Tara’s Truths:  If you follow me on Twitter or Friend me on Facebook you know that I’m a self-professed cupcake connoisseur. I dig this cute little shop, the decor makes me want to stay a while working in the corner using the complimentary wi-fi while sipping a cup of joe. In terms of taste, the lemon cupcake is tasty but this sweet spot has so much more to offer like homemade cookies and super moist cakes. I thought the layer of sweetness between the cupcake and icing were a unique touch, when I return I will most likely stick with cookies and cakes.  When I eat a cupcake I’m looking for consistency, moist cupcake, beautiful presentation, a pop of flavor and a super creamy icing. I would suggest Sweet Tooth Dessert Bar to anyone. They are truly a family owned and operated bakery.

Sweet Suggestion: ♥♥♥’s 


One thought on “Cupcake Country

  1. OMG!!!!!!! I love the tripple chocolate cup cakes. They are a must try treat they are like M&M’s they melt in your mouth not in your hand. I love her location and the customer service is outstanding. I viewed her website and she has a verity of items to choose from. Everytime I visit this establishment the one that stands out is that the hospitality is as tasteful as the treats are. So Atlanta travel down to sweet tooth’s I guarantee you want be disappointed.

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