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Thanks to my awesome client and good friend Yolanda Owens, Owner of iwi Fresh and Co-Owner of Pampered Nail & Body Spa in Castleberry Hill district in Atlanta, we attended the Betsey Johnson Fashion Event on Tuesday at the W Hotel in Buckhead. Oh and what an “Event” it was!  I am always slightly amused when PR firms doubles as an special event planning company. I am a HUGE fan of the Philip Michael PR firm, they consider themselves an PR and Events company but just because you label yourself as such doesn’t mean it all turns out the way you anticipated. I’m just saying! I’ve met both owners and have met with Michael Bryant in the past and he is a great person with an amazing work ethic so hopefully he will forgive me in advance for my extremely honest review of the event tonight.

Tara’s Truths:

Y’all know I’m going to keep it 100 so here goes. I don’t believe that the W Hotel Buckhead expected as many people to attend but it was PACKED!

There was an extensive line and they had to turn away many people who paid to attend this special event due to capacity issues. It was basically standing room only with the exception of VIP guests, sponsors and media who had front row seating.

Pre-planning. I felt like there was no run of show or backstage management because the microphones didn’t work when Philip Michael PR firm took to the stage to welcome everyone and apologize for the extended delay.There really should have been a sound check from the beginning. If you look at the timeline on the flyer above the Fashion 8pm and 35mins late isn’t so bad for Atlanta, I’ve seen worse. One of the beautiful hosts were Renee Knorr, Fashion & Beauty Director of the 19th Hole Magazine and she was stunning in a black Betsey Johnson dress.

 She looked great but I do believe they gave her the hand written script to read 10mins before she took the stage… bless her heart. She was soon joined by the lovely Suchita Vadlamani formerly of Good Day Atlanta (Fox 5). I am a huge fan of the very outgoing Suchita and she looked amazing in her black Betsey Johnson cocktail dress. Honestly, Suchita and Renee should have strut their stuff on the runway to start the show, they were styled amazingly!

The ladies began the late show with a raffle of gifts from the sponsors (PAUSE), did I mention that the W Hotel was PACKED! I completely understand their reasons for incorporating the raffle because you want to make sure that the sponsors who donated the gifts get their praise before the guests left. However, there should have been a designated time for it like the hour before when people were having “Cocktail” hour and standing around the hot and overly crowed hall. If someone won a raffle, what were they supposed to do? Yell “BINGO”  from the end of the room and run through the audience like they were on the Price Is Right to the stage? Um, no. When no one responded to the call of ticket numbers, they decided they needed to get on with the show and the audience broke out in applauds and cheers. We eagerly awaited the models to appear and what did we see next… Singer Eva Fe aka Miss Latina Midtown performed her new single “Oxygen”. She did a great job but attendees were growing weary.

Immediately after the performance by Eva Fe walked off the stage without announcement, models began to grace the runway with Betsey Johnson designs. OMG, those poor patient models were walking that runway like it was the Penn State Relays! I couldn’t even get a great shot and I was in the second row!  Since most attendees came for the fashion I was surprised that it was only schedule to be an hour show. It honestly was about 30mins.  The event wasn’t entirely a bust, I will end with the few positive highlights.

Tara’s Triumphs:

In terms of attendance and Public Relations, the buzz generated was amazing! Entering into the grand ballroom there were several vendor tables set up from the sponsor like Total Knockout Atlanta, VEEV Acai Spirits, Toucan Tan, Impreza, Soulful Health, Art Tech Designs & Finishes, 19th Hole Magazine, Pour Seduire Lingerie, Iwi Fresh and more. The networking opportunities were great and I’m sure extended to the upstairs after party that proceeded the very short runway show. I enjoyed the laughs, the designs and had a great time meeting new people as always. Special shout out to photographers Avery Washington and DJ Bing plus Andre Hill who I peeped in the front row with Derek J & Talking With Tami’s own Tammie Reed.

I have to unfortunately give this event  ♥♥.5 because it had the potential to be a home run event but most of the crew are stuck on 2nd base in the cold rain while the rest of us watch sadly from the stands. CHEERS! 



  1. Thanks for the play-by-play, I was just coming back from my birthday getaway and it was all too overwhelming to make it to the event. Looks like I dodged one…. *wink*

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